Book Arts

Drum Leaf Binding - Front View.jpg
Drum Leaf Binding - Open View.jpg

Drum Leaf Binding

Japanese Album with Hardcovers, 2021.jpg
Artist's Book, One-of-a-kind  2020.jpg

Japanese Stab Bindings

Artist's Book, One-of-a-kind, view #2, 2

Artist's Book - One of a Kind - The Village #1

Made with one sheet of paper that was folded, collaged, and sewn.  Glassine windows, hand stamped end sheets and cloth covered boards.

Shamrock Collage Pamphlet Book.JPG
Pamphlet Book - Pochoir .JPG

Pamphlet Books:  Covers made with/by Watercolor Leaf Imprint, Collage, Pochoir with Acrylics

Nested Accordion:Abstract #1.JPG
Nested Accordion - Turtles (Revised).JPG

Nested Accordions - Images created with speedy cut & inks

Star Book, View #1, 2020.jpg
Star Book, View #2, 2020.jpg

Star Book:  Collaged images & cloth covered board covers

Flag Books, 2021.jpg

Flag Books with cloth covered board covers

Pinwheel Twist Boxes.JPG
Pinwheel Twist Box - Open.JPG
Fold - Page Insert Pop-up w:Coffee Cups.
Tea Canisters with Tea Bag Books.JPG

Tea Bag Books with Text Block & Chiyo Covers

House Card, 2021.jpg

House Card

French Door - 2021.jpg

French Doors

Dos-e-do with hardcovers.jpg

Dos-e-do with covers

Paired Station Coptic

Twist Boxes - Closed and Open

Explosion Fold

Japanese Album